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How many times have you wanted to cut food on a chopping board and it has been harder than it looks like ?

You must hold the food with one hand and at the same time you cut it with another hand. All these tasks are usually done on a chopping board while you are using a knive. For this reason we need a safer and more comfortable chopping board for everybody. It can further help people with disabilities. With Slides I want to solve a real necessity and talk about Universal Design as part of our future. At present people with disabilities are 15% of the world population but this amount is going to increase due to life span raise and another diseases (WHO- World Health Organization).

We need to think about our future and make useful products for everybody because “Good design enables, bad design disables”. We can see that in Stephen Hawking: when he was 21 years old doctors diagnosed him ALS and he has done what he wanted through adapted technogy.

With Slides you don´t need both hands and you can hold food and containers with two fasteners. You can also have one chopping board; one platter in order to serve the food; three modules, which you can use to cut, peel and grate; two flexible fasteners, which can be slided through the guide and a cleaner. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

The objective of Slides is to simplify the tasks in the kitchen to every kind of users, regardless of their physical condition. It provides the flexible fasteners with a cutting surface with a rail which allows them to move. These fasteners can get adapted to any elements and attach the food, containers and cooking tools. All the components are symmetric, designed to be useful for both left and right-handed people, and they have the perfect measurements to enter into the dishwasher. It has a tray to transport the food and three modules for additional functions, such as cutting, peeling and grating. They can be used outside the chopping board, mounted on it or attached to the fasteners. They have rotatory covers to extract the food and clean them. It includes a cleaner to secure the cleanliness in the rail. Its backgrounds are made of anti-slip rubber, therefore it avoids sliding whilst cutting. You can cut, peel, grate, cut up, beat and transport food with Slides.

There are up to 9 different filters included for the cubicles, which can be purchased separatedly.

¡ Slides is available in 8 different colours !


1st prize  YUZZ Palencia- ” Young  with Ideas “, organizated by Santander´s Bank and CISE (International Centre of Entrepreneurship in Santander) and with the collaboration of Palencia´s city hall and the Scientific Park of the University of Valladolid.


Prize contest “Innovative Solutions for the improvement of quality of life”, organizated by Triangular-E3. Ageing category, individual modality.


XI edition of the Michelin prizes for the best Final Dissertation project in Organization.

Final exam mark 10/10 with Honours in my Final Dissertation.

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About the team

Elena Narro Medrano

Elena Narro Medrano


My name is Elena Narro Medrano and I created Slides in my 4st course of my studies. Slides was born as my final dissertation of the Engineering Degree in Industrial Design and Product Development (University of Valladolid), which I have finished in july 2014. Since this moment, I knew I wanted to work in Universal Design and use the engineering to créate a best world.  I am also expert on Accesibility and Universal Design and Spanish Sign Language Interpreter.